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About QPF

Qatar Pipeline & Fittings Co. ( QPF )


1- A Well-Known Company

QATAR PIPELINE & FITTINGS COMPANY has a good reputation based on many years of experience in the industry. The company came into being in 1999 as a limited liability company; we were established on the basics of being special & unique in the state of Qatar, we have since developed into a market leader in Qatar as manufacturers of PLASTIC PIPES & FITTINGS, and importers of BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS. Our company is a Part of QATAR PLASTIC ADDITIVES & INDUSTRIES GROUP (QADDCO).

2- Our Aims

To provide the best Engineered Products & Solutions to residential our customers. On time delivery and quick reply to customers inquiries. To offer our customers a wealth of information, technical support & customer service that meet and many times exceed customer requirements.

3- The Quality

If you want first class results, you need high quality, mature products. In our many years of cooperation with manufacturing & construction trades, we have had the time to collect a wide range of experiences, for these reasons, we always provide quality that you can rely on.

4- International Brands

We are dealing with the biggest manufacturers & suppliers of PIPE’s FITTINGS and BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS (Marley-UK,COES-Italy, Comer-Italy, Unidelta-Italy.

5- Vision

We believe that with best planning & implementation of proper policies that will enhance the use of all the company’s resources, the company is becoming to be one of the best companies in Qatar.

6- Delivery

Delivery is one of our strong attributes, dedicated team is able to deliver our products to your sites in a fast, prompt and professional manner. Wherever you are, whether day or night our team is ready to cover your needs.

7- Products

uPVC pipes for Aboveground drainage
uPVC pipes for underground drainage
uPVC fittings for Aboveground drainage
uPVC fittings for Underground drainage
uPVC Electrical Conduit pipes
uPVC Electrical Conduit fittings
uPVC Electrical Duct pipes
uPVC Fabricated fittings
High Pressure pipes
High Pressure fittings

HDPE Pipes
MDPE Pipes
PE Compression fittings
PE Electrofusion fittings
PE Butt fusion fittings
PE Fabricated Fittings

PPRC pipes
PPRC fittings